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Apear collective tapeing a bank in Iceland check it out!

The video:

Botiga del Barcelona Bus

Apear had the chance this weekend to tape for the FCBus at Barceloneta’s beach. We  want to Congrat the Champions for their super performance.

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Hands playing Butterfly by APEAR!

This is a video of Apear in carmelitas Catalan restaurant in the heart of Barcelona.

Music in first half  by Gus Gus

The second half of video is the music by Jónsi



Done by The Art group “APEAR”

Apear is a art group of illustrators, musicians, audio and visual designers/artist, art directors, fashion, interior and graphic designers. They all come from different countries such as Denmark, Thailand, swiss, Russia, Algeria, Turkey, Iceland, Kazakstan, mexico, France, Czech Republic ,Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia and Serbia.

Guerilla campagne for loop video art festival created by (apear) students in the IED Barcelona and in collaboration with Fezjo an illustrator/fine artist from Slovenia, went out in the Raval aria in Barcelona to tape. spontaneous illustrations created on the spot. Have a look!!

The loop alphabet!

Apear for the loop festival.

Randall from Apear created an alphabet in the loop style, we dissed to have it a bit random not straight and square. So maybe you can see some words in it or a hidden message.

The Music in the video is the Icelandic band sometime.


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Roomservice gallleri

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Silver Screen Snake Supreme!

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